Meditation on Power to Be

Uber mind
Creator of all we perceive
conceived in electron energy.
Concentric conscious rings
emit all consciousness between.

Back beat flash incorporates jazz dance
weaves magic song;
metaphoric feet in trance,
spin common lore.

Voice of irretrievable residue defines decisions.
Hark, this is a moment of re-visions!

Brutal authenticity
hallmark of this 21st century.
Refute celestial entities;
express heartfelt wonder for
mysteries beyond our sky,
differences between faith and bliss.

May I take this stage to express guesses
(not insist) for conversation:

Preachers in this fallen world reach out to touch, to teach
as their creed requires to rectify desire.
Responsibility to each generation begins at conception,
ends at birth.
Children mature counting time to the measure
of what they see as worth.

Thus, breeds pestilence in hellfire, soot embellished treasure
for pleasure of the damned as god’s plan.
Beasts and hunting bands maraud green forest, blue shore.

Gamblers’ scores equal blessings.
Hammer, nail, ships taut to sail, whistles, tambourines,
cuneiform silkscreens, slaves to machines.

Whales were legless leviathans
Once upon a story

Early learning cast the play of we and they.
Blood, bone, face
is not man, soil intent on destiny.
Shadow marketeers sell swords, honour,
blessings to follow the faith as good fathers demand.
Soft blood dries — throes of maggots and microbes
cunningly feast on folly.
Can the wage of war pay to feed our sorrows?
Vegetation of these mythic forests grows
twisted, tinged in dark crimson layers.
Stench of terror, violent death —
fresh meat, or fresh enough for
gnashed snarls of teeth and salivation.
Lullabies drenched in sweet hope
snapped for a crude libation.

War, to improve the species,
cull the less fit or fortunate,
revitalize with hybridization.
Trained adversaries of different kin join in
biocultural cross-fertilization.
New semination, strategies, vigor, replace those
destroyed in battle. Hegelian dialectic played out
in donnybrook and brothel,
conquered and conquerors commingle in the everyday.

Warrior upon warrior.
Young, aggressive, strong, culturally arrogant,
seeking glory, adoration, through attack.
Like young male cats
of the archetypal jungle, sent out from the tribe
to trouble the enemy.

Lesser punks relegate to jail. Yeah, yeah, get the scofflaws off the street;
scapegoats for collective demons need be punished well.
While locked in hell, too, losers from the gene pool.
The privileged and their entourage
seldom serve time. Innocents sans means
get rousted and warehoused. The holy encourage:
Keep ’em chained until aged weak beyond appeal.

Modern reason might usurp these adaptations.

Species, in danger of elimination, needed arrogance
to command resources
to feed more warriors
to keep each kin group scrambling
for position. To get more competitive, through competition.

Billions of voices shout cacophony.
Sentient choices blend better as harmony.
By liminal command, young aggressors channel
to sport, fantasy battle, adventurous work.
Next level survival demands we assess, re-learn.

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