Winter triptych

Winter is coming

She arrives
Conviction strong and glorious.
Brilliant astral presence, at last.
Swollen with destiny, swirling in ecstasy.
Feel air breath-moist in tune to Her sway.
She drinks, uplifts the cup of our prayers, feasts upon homespun tales.
Listen! She reveals.
Torso spun forward, head arched back
dervish aware. She incants, caresses, blesses,
sweeps through this startled assemblage. Chase if you dare.
A child of shadow slips behind, catches at her tresses.
Slow secret smile grows, their silent delight
snow white, bare of guile.
Time freezes. Hungry eyes press against
icy glass. Inside, twinkling eternity blazes, laughs.
All future awaits. We need but reach through

Winter is coming

She arrives
Glorious voice uplifts the night,
trails splendor, drapes drifts of white.
Taste icy delight, pure wrought fantasy.
Far flight of reflections safe by the fire,
caught ablaze in flame’s magic,
aligns with the greatest of stars, magnificent galaxies.
Snow lit in moonglow. Soft flow of desire.
Wild Wind whispers “Higher, my love; ride sheer mystery.”
Serene, reclined; eyes widen, brightly behold.
A fabulous sleigh swoops from above.
A whirl of aroma, adoring excitement.
She alights, a flash of stunning glee.
Clear aura of peace.

Winter is Coming

She arrives!
Cold, clear, glorious crystalline air.
Happy to roast by the fire, spin out yarns for warmth.
Happy for cozy aroma of home and hearth.
Euphorious, heart singing, blood roaring fun.
Out to run, slide, ride through white mist,
escape from resistance; engage with bright bliss.
She alights from her carriage, a vision of charms
carved in ice.
Look into the prism’s flame, wondrous worlds
never twice the same, mesmerized.
Happy to have this gift, this season, this time,
open eyes.

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