Fae Opera

A joyous encounter with life
A joyous encounter called my life
I’ve swung from trees in tropical climes
And swum the seas of paradise
And learned to breathe upon the earth
You’ve got to see me; you’ve got to listen
to these wonders that I’ve learned
Traveling, traveling a hard-stoned road
Working my legs, my back, carrying my load
Journeying for countless years
Seeking out the sea of tears
Eyes bound behind innocent’s lace veil
I break my trail
(As in my mind my song unwinds my tale)
A marvelous secret, a hidden treasure trove
While unicorns play harpsichord
within a blossomed grove
A newborn child with something wild that
plays in rainbowed eyes
Has been declared of wizard laird
Born to hypnotize
Been borne to hypnotize
Sing lullabies
Reward all the heathen with sleep
And dreaming dreams as such who waken
Find their very core earthshaken
Thus made to believe in possibilities
They set their sites, reshaping all reality
And of them they’ve begotten me
Sound the magic pipes of Pan
All who hear may understand
The fluid waif who walks the land
Spawn of Diana’s fling
With the clove-foot forest king
Vibrate to music, music, music
In every cell of living fluid
‘Tis alright to play the fool
Of forest borne to roam through future lands
Touch me, touch me, touch me, touch me
Become my hands
Floating, wandering, restless shades
Call me to respond
I toured a mountain faire
Picked daisies for my hair
Learned to know the name of every weed
I dwelt the night alone
In a crevice made of stone
And never thought of what I next would need
I dreamt of castles bold
And the language of the Olde
And struggled to bring my dreams alive
And whistled as I rode
The songs I’d oft been told
At parties seen
In waking dream
Another place and time
Another tune, another rhyme
And I’d sit beside my campfire
And gaze into the flames
And yearn of learning other places,
Attune to other names
Traveling over other lands,
Seeking secrets, other plans
Or just remembering another song
For the secret of each soul is in its song
Blazing all around
Miles from bare ground
Twisting twig upon an aery sea
Luminescent way
Whatcha gonna say
Songbird, whistle your wisdom to me
A maid of golden wings
In lullabying sings
Of white sails racing in the wind.
No two are e’re the same
Of the tales she can name
Oh, nightingale — take me in!
Blazing all around
Miles from bare ground
Journeying upon a vessel rare
Silently I sing
To hold remembering
Magic castles in the air
Getch yer gimme.
Pull that file! Collapse that case!
You are obsolete – unexistent.
And ain’t no one gonna hire you in this industry.
Whatcha holding on to?
Whatcha going on to?
Whatcha gonna live for?
Got a score to settle while the dying’s cheap.
Gonna find a rooftop and fire.
Gonna tap a neural gap and get higher.
Gonna hold a seance and retire.
Become a log a’rotting in the wood.
Enter eternity a nonfunctioning robot.
Captured in resistance, electronic impulses,
air tremors and interruptions in space.
We make no difference to a meteor —
any blind force that destroys without design.
We make no difference to our own kind.
Blind orgiastic miasma,
pressing, moaning, sucking in life.
Images of innocence float by in my mind
I’m looking for a pot of gold
I never hope to find
And wonder in the dark of night
What if I should go blind
Today is made of yesterdays,
Tonight of yestereves
The spoken words I say to you
I hope you won’t believe
We’ve but so little time my friend,
Too little time to grieve
And I wonder in my heart of hearts
Just where all will lead
Will I once more take an oath of pain
And watch my body bleed
Or will I learn that living’s
When you take all that you need?
Busy work, busy talk, trying to make time.
Talk of energy, talk of war.
Talk of who you’re out to score.
Learn to love and disremember.
Trying to make time; dying to make time.
Try to run and they’ve got you busted.
Try to hide, try to hide, try to hide.
Everyone’s there to be mistrusted.
Try to hide, try to hide, try to hide.
What’s left of you inside?
Phoenix Flame
A ball of fire in my palm
behind my eyes
subsumes all flesh.
Engulfed in crackling frame-dissolving
flame, hot bed of sparkling embers
consumes soft hair and lashes.
Yet out of ash always renewed
ready to burn ever more, feed eternal fate.
I can’t sleep beneath the flash and noise,
find respite from immolation.
Atom by atom rent, then realigned
to play again at disintegration.
Towers fall through blood
and sinew stripped from form.
You are of me.
You are one of me.
You see what I see.
You fear as I decree.
You do what I command.
I’ve got you in my hand.
I’ve got you underhand.
Touch me. Touch me. Touch me. Touch me.
You are far away.
You are very far away.
You don’t do what I say.
You don’t hear what I pray.
I’m screaming “go away”
Go away. Go away. Go away. Go away.
I’m sitting in my room.
I’ve seduced you to my room.
I feel you in my womb.
You got away too soon.
You haven’t got a chance.
No, not a bloody chance.
I circle in my dance.
I’ve trapped you in my dance.
In a trance, in a trance, in a trance, in a trance
Come on — DANCE!
Touch me. Touch me. Touch me. Touch me.
Quietly, quickly, death as grace
annihilates without a trace.
Stealthily, silently my poison kills,
to cleanse this land of a people’s ills.
The key’s been cast, so lock the door
on lies and poverty, greed and war.
Purify in red soaked fire.
Deify the symbol of desire.
And when all desire’s turned to dust,
etch in fire: “IN GOD WE TRUST.”
A sacred trust.
Sound the bell.
Sound the bell.
Sound the bell slowly
o’er all we’ve made holy.
Ring bright pure-toned peals
o’er gold flaming fields.
In music now seal’d
the end of our fate.
Sound the bell.
Sound the bell.
And now I sail from the sea of Lethe.
Phoenix, risen from my death
to journey on through time and space.
Progenitor to the human race.

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