Be My Valentine

If the greatest virtue we can aspire to is love
And the greatest follies in our lives are due to love
And we can’t cure our frenzied malady of love
But all sages exhort us just to love
And pure poison emanates from loss in love
And pure bliss is promised us from lovely love
And what about those horrid beings we just can’t love
And what about that horrid feeling of being unloved
So what in heaven/hell is love?

There is love that sends you dancing
into romantic lunacy
that feels so right and free
There is love that burns so hot and cold
you never know
quite where you are
There is love that holds a whisper
in a cloaked corner of your being
makes you smile in
that secret special way
makes you want to linger
in a lover’s fantasy
makes your day
There is love that hurts and hates
and kills any chance of saving
face or heart
burns the bright flame of your essence
into ash
leaves you bleeding, pleading
for any drug or thrill to kill that agony
There is love
indistinguishable from insanity
in any way your twisted mind
will go
There is love that lets you know
you have a soul
because it’s growing
What kind of love are you offering
to me?

I offer you a human love,
not constrained to simple delineation.
Part seeking a confidante face,
to find my hoped for reflection.
Part need for nurturing solace
in uncertain days.
Part desire to be hero, adored
shining spirit in your eyes,
because you spark enduring fire
in mine.
You send my boundaries
Your presence increases my
self’s reality,
inspires wider denotation
encompassing we.
Crawling into each other’s
place of essence,
breaking through,
It doesn’t matter where
I am
when I’m with you.


I drink them in, your style and voice,
lithe and light and falling into
Parched vessel that I bring
to party through altered
moods, captured attention,
enraptured elite emotion.
Satisfaction of brief moments
dripping down my throat like song.
Electrical storm blows strong.
Brilliant rain cascades, overruns wandering mind,
sets steam to allure’s magic.
Madness released by resplendent excess
rocks devastation into lullabies,
expressed by Lilithian eyes
way past any limits of light or reason.
In a gentle corner, made of more glorious fantasies,
love’s candle burns,
warms celestial clay.
Worlds orgasmic in grace
explore passion.

The change happens quickly
as in a comic skit,
or excruciatingly creeps,
soap opera romantic thrill
slowly dying.
Added characters may intercede.
Archetypal tricksters vie,
cross our stars,
navigate our fates
in diverse directions.
We grow complacent, calcified,
Angry words burn inside,
Heat no longer a welcome
participant of romance.
Your little ways.
My little ways.
Imps of annoyance.
Is there Hope in this
crate of vexations?
Over and over
yet never irrevocably over
in bodies, souls, sensate
suffering love.

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