season of the Sun

Sun greets Earth
a hearty slap
hot and sassy
Heart strings
playing in the sunshine.
out standing star sublime,
    to set each day in tune.
Lilting aria of blessing, rising
glow of precious light
expresses pure and true.
Brilliant notes pour, glisten, through
radiant delight.
  Enchanted child-king exuding golden hue.
That’s how I think of you.
In wild’s kingdom
all manner of creatures
thrive, explore, as before
the invasion.
Eagles soar.
Lions roar.
Whales sing.
Humans open
veiled third eye.
Sun Rise
Early pinks ascend from eerie violets.
Sun’s lifting eye twinkles like a happy kitten,
tummy exposed for adoration.
Omens, prophecy, hope for enduring happy returns
blossom to a
rhythmic peak
sending out, sending out, sending out
radiant vibration.
Stars, sunrays, miracles ablaze.
Loved and protected by gods, smitten with ecstasy.
Fortune favors elegance, grace of presence,
true nobility beyond codes of legend.
Borne on Sun’s warm rays, a’smile,
a welcome lift for all hearts’ desires.
Festivities, sparkling lights and
bless time of joyful grandiosity.
Rise in salutation to this Summer star.
Celebration waves through the streets, with drums,
lucid bells, a call to play
Carnival cheer brings heat to flame
Chants blend to sing with drinks and games
Grand gestures expand, to applaud such a day
fueled by smiling Sun.
Strum gallant minstrel, of wander’s ways.
song singing hallelujahs,
place of play, haunted
by pretty memories
tinged gold in sunshine.
Midsummer twilight,
fairytales brought back from sleep.
Sprinting across that abyss,
beauty simple, profound.
Like a warm evening on the beach, all woozy from sunshine.
Tingle of sea breeze, that ocean scent of the wild.
As the sun recedes, cooling, refreshing, yet still a lazy summer eve.
Oh that luscious feeling, that overflow of quiet release.
Move inward
as Sunlight descends.
Cob-webbed lantern, too weak to flame,
forgotten among rusted childhood trains, stranded tinsel,
abandoned hero’s fantasies.
Loyal Leo will lick your wounds
refresh with nature’s might
All our world a whirl of sound
love and luck will soon rebound
*   *
Charmed music fills the air with glee
Play, dear gypsy, wild and free
No fears to scale your flight
All in a Summer’s night
If the sky could, it would dream of stars nova bright raining through galactic clouds.
ebbing outward
gentle ripples
bathed in sunshine ease
Eyes burn with hazy summer wine and wilding.
Feet connect dust to sky — but only in designated
spheres, with designated peers, self-selected inhibitions.
Sweat out poison into the ground; now, eat the bounty.
Midsummer farce, far from honor, far from sunrise,
counting out the chimes as if time were treasure.
Silly summer madness as if what matters
is so circumscribed, so predictable.
I need to tell a tale
of fantasy and careless
leaning into tall grass,
fruited trees, languid leaves,
brilliant sunshine warming
melting melodies
receptive to pleasure;
balming luscious nectars,
warm melt of sunshine,
elation, charismatic exultation.
I am in awe, a true believer;
not on my knees in supplication.
Supine, welcoming grace.
Pearls iridescent from the Sun
Diamonds extracted from the Moon
Gold-dusted silks from
exotic worlds.
Valued in danger, chances of doom in transit
from there to here.
Fine old wood,
mellowed wisdom
tasting of Earth,
eloquently regales with tales
sage and pure.
Young Percival took knight’s oath seriously.  To protect and to serve King and country.
The old King afflicted, declining, perhaps dying.  Soul sickness they said.
Crops fail to thrive.  Floods, droughts, oppressive climate.  The peasants too sicken,
die, live while they do hungry with poverty, disarray.
In a vision, Percival beholds the Holy Grail – dazzling jewels upon a golden chalice,
generating elixir of immortality.
Filled with such reflection, he hastens in the direction of adventure.  He leaves the dying kingdom
to its decline, in search of a promised land’s magical curative power.  Thinking not of King or country,
roused by urgent ecstatic pounding he knows to be
his own heart.
Where do you ride, fair Percival?
Off to find the healer’s Grail?
Learn your song and tell your tale.
Become a son of Sky and Earth
and rain
to return with the wizardry you gain
some wondrous day.
Break the curse.
Expel the kingdom’s pain.
He seeks the skills of seers, demons, subtle sorceries and charms.  Growing ever
stronger, healthy exercise, happy purpose enrich his will.  Over terrible trials
and deceptions, treacherous opposition, ever nearer his divine prize appears.
These trials are key.  They test mettle while bestowing lessons, confidence,
resource acquisition, glimmerings of wisdom.  The prize glitters, shines, glows
brilliantly in auric distance, delineates focus, a clear point, fixed star to contemplate
through twisting, turning, misty mythic roads.
Sometimes the brick is yellow.  Some paths are more intuitive, furtive steps in dark,
brambly forest, hostile terrain.
Percival knows what a hero does.  A hero perseveres.  A hero scales the tower to free
the enslaved damsel; goes where others dare not tread because fear is his worthy companion.
Trudging, fighting, sometimes dazed, momentarily forgetting his quest, he perseveres.
He need but give pause, look beyond to see his Grail shining, calling him forward.
Of course, he reaches the Grail, discovers the codes, incantations, ensorcels dragons,
defies giants, generally blazes through to capture his destiny.
Returning triumphant, he brings joy to the kingdom, drop-kicks the curse, cures the old King
of soul malady, is gifted the throne to wisely guide his subjects into delightful prosperity.
So the story goes.
pure essence to ignite.
Saddened, enraged, radiant,
tempered to exquisite artistry.
The man who would flow with the forces
of nature,
in touch with combust eternity,
child of the Sun.
Walk to the Sun
When I was a child, it was an old shaman
in our village who told the story.
“We used to walk to the Sun.
We would bring back gifts for the grain.
Everyone was happy.
Today, no one walks to the Sun. No one tends the grain.
No one is happy.”
Lately, I understand that
it was not the actual Sun in the sky
of which he spoke. It was that shining
place in our heart that lets us know how to do what is right.
I’m taking a walk to the Sun; want to come along?
Welcome arising in our hearts,
Anointing our many-colored soul.
Take in the day
Rejoice in the sunshine
We are alove and strong
In primeval paradise
Upon a windswept beach
Our eyes, our arms
Raised in blessing
Totality is ours
There is no darkness.
I walk softly in the morning.
Drink awakening dew, sunbeam blessed.
I take what has always been mine,
cherish magnificence
and leave rough visions
of apocalypse to human eyes.
Titania rises on her heels
claps her hands with glee
to see royal rangers clear the field
for her jamboree.
Her noble guests arrive at last.
Grand table’s set to break their fast.
Lavish feast for this ravenous class
to exalt their victory.
The royal band breaks out in waltz
for revelers’ employ.
Nary a note may ring out false.
We’re all here to enjoy
a raucous tribute to our fleet.
So raise your voices, stamp your feet,
privileged as renowned elite
to treat our vanquished as a toy.
To those who watch beyond closed gates
silly revelers at play
feeding the fire of long held hates
this is a different day.
“Fiddle dee dee” partiers bray with scorn,
mocking the starving and care worn.
But soon they’ll rue the day they’ve borne
as their world turns dank and grey.
As a new star ascends over fields and trails,
sparks audacious fete of change.

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